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Discover Proven Strategies for Building Business Credit From Experts Who Want to Help You Succeed!

Want to Build Business Credit? You Can Build A Strong Corporate Credit Rating!

Do you want to learn powerful, legitimate strategies for building strong business credit so your business can borrow with success?

Small business financing can be essential to your business success. Are you a business owner, real estate investor, entrepreneur or solo practitioner?

Do you want to avoid using personal credit to help fund your business?

Are you wondering what types of credit cards will be best for your small business?

Do you want to protect your personal credit score from business debt?

Are you tired of being turned down for business loans, by lenders who won’t even offer any feedback to help you get closer to your business goals?

Or are you afraid to even try because you are so sure your personal credit will get in the way?

Then learn how to build business credit the right way!

Get our e-book Business Credit Success: Get on the Financing Fast Track today!

Our e-book, Business Credit Success, will walk you step-by-step through the business credit building process. You’ll learn:

  • The major business credit agencies, and where you should focus your efforts to build credit,
  • How building business credit is so much different than building personal credit,
  • The crucial differences between personal and business credit (and how it all ties together),
  • How to find vendors and lenders that can help you build positive credit references.

And much, much more!

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Need more help building business credit?

If you still need more help and advice after reading Business Credit Success, business credit consultant Erik Salmon is available to help you one-on-one, for an affordable hourly rate of $99 per hour. Coaching will be customized to your needs.

Please note, to get the most of your business coaching experience, you must have read the e-book and have established a corporate entity (S or C corp., or LLC) first. If you need help choosing the right corporate structure for your business, click here.

About the Authors

Attorney and Rich Dad Advisor Garrett Sutton has combined his expertise as an attorney specializing in asset protection and business strategy, with Credit Specialist Gerri Detweiler’s 20 years of credit expertise, to create the Business Credit Success e-book. You will learn how to establish a strong corporate credit rating and how that can help you get loans or financing for your business. These are absolutely the most powerful strategies available to build business credit and get the financing your company needs to grow.

About Your Business Credit Success Coach

Erik Salmon, CCFC. A certified cash flow consultant/business coach specializing in business finance and startups, Erik has been a sought after advisor in the business credit and startup industry for over a decade. He co-hosted “The Make It and Keep It Hour” in KTSA San Antonio, TX and has written a number of articles on business credit and starting a business. Most importantly, he has helped tens of thousands of clients, ranging from startup small office/home office businesses to large private corporations establish the credit and financing they need to be successful.

Why Business Credit Success was Created

“How do I build business credit and finance my growth?” That’s one of the top questions Garrett has received from his small business clients. At the same time, Gerri has fielded numerous questions from consumers about how to manage business and personal credit ratings and credit cards. Recognizing that access to capital, along with cash flow management, can be the deciding factor between a businesses’ success or failure, Garrett and Gerri teamed up to create a program designed to help entrepreneurs successfully fund their businesses and take the steps to ensure they would build and maintain strong business credit ratings.